Birthdays and Baby Showers

Did somebody say birthday? We’re always ready for a birthday party! It’s our favourite occasion and whatever your child may desire, we make it happen! We also help celebrate baby showers to make sure you have your last bit of fun before labour! Invite your best friends and family and celebrate it with none of the worries!

  • Key elements:
  • Customised birthday parties: Superhero theme or hello kitty themed? Or astronauts theme? Whatever it may be we make it come true! Hand over the list to us and we’ll make sure the birthday is a splendid one!
  • Balloon & Theme Décor: Whether it maybe a themed party or not, we make sure the decorations stand out and pleasing to your eye! These decorations will make your kids remember them for a long time!
  • Sound & DJ: Your guests and you will dance till your heart’s content! We play music that will get your feet groovin’ and hips movin’!
  • Lights: We take care of the lights as well!
  • Game host & Game Stalls: We have dedicated game stalls that include all fun games for the adults and children! We even have a game conductor to conduct games that include every single guest!
  • Return Gifts: Isn’t the best part of the birthday party return gifts? We take care of the return gift section, wrap it all up with a pretty bow!
  • Invites: Whether it’s a birthday party or a baby shower, we make your invites that make your guests irresistible to not attend!
  • Entertaining artists: You want a singer, a dancer or even a magician? We’ve kept it all ready for you.
  • Baby Shower Décor: Select your theme of the shower and we take care from head to toe! Let’s not forget about the flower décor as well!

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