5 Must do activities for Easter with your family!


When it’s April, you know what time it is! Its Easter time – and after all you’ve given up for many days due to quarantine, Easter is the perfect time to let ourselves loose and have fun.

Easter is family time and all activities should be family-filled as well! It’s the time one spends with children and friends. Easter is not only fun for the kids, but can be fun for the grown-ups too because let’s admit no one truly grows up, do they?

Celebrate an unforgettable Easter with your family by doing these fun-filled wholesome Easter activities: 

1. Easter eggs

This quarantine might have led to a bit of a crunch, but don’t get disappointed! Easter eggs are normally common during this season. It’s used as gifts and sweets on the occasion of Easter. Traditionally people used egg shells and used their creativity to decorate it. As time passed by the egg shells have now been substituted to chocolate eggs. You can either help your kids decorate beautiful egg shells using their creativity with the things you have at home or let them partner with you on making chocolate eggs It is also a great way to keep your children satisfied and engaged! At the end of the day, we all would like to get a little adventurous, at home don’t we?

2. Bake your hearts out

Any celebration or festival calls for cake! A Cake is a way to anyone’s heart. Make a day out of it by baking with your children. Shake things up by making an Easter cake and decorate it with chocolate eggs and colourful candy and complete your Easter experience. 

3. Get crafty with craft

Be the best decorated Easter greeting cards by decorating it with homemade crafts. Under this lockdown period be thrifty and crafty. Use old objects lying around your house and make decorations that will steal the show! Use colored papers/printing sheets to make your cards. Let their creative side go wild! You can help your little ones in cutting and gluing things up.

4. Have a feast to end other feasts

In India, with all the different varieties of cuisines we have, each family can have their own unique Easter. What better way to celebrate a festival than doing what we know best? Celebrating with food! Cook up some of your family’s favourite dishes and enjoy the Easter season together. Nothing better than ending it with a sweet note, a dessert that your family knows and loves.

5. The Easter Story

Enlighten your kids with the Easter story. The story of the resurrection. Take them back in time a few centuries ago and keep them engaged with tit-bits about this day.

Make it a day to cherish in your memories, make it a day no one can ever miss and make it a day that brings you happiness. Easter is a holiday of fun, joy and celebration that needs to be enjoyed by one and all. The above-mentioned activities are just a few ways one can enjoy Easter. If you have any more creative ideas and ways one can make their Easter more enjoyable, let us know in the comments below!

Stay Safe! Stay Home!


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