My Diwali, My Way!

Come August and a plethora of festivals ride in one after another and the second half of the year just whizzes past us. By the time we realize, the year has gone by, all the things we listed out to do are still pending. This time I am determined to do at least some of the simple things I listed out for 2019 with my (not so) little one and make good of the time off work and school. After being stuck at home for a longer than expected monsoon this time, we are determined to step out and make the most of the upcoming holidays.

Every year so much time and energy is spent cleaning, making sweets and prepping for Diwali, by the time the festival arrives I am left exhausted with very little energy to do anything. So this year, I have decided to make it less about the conventional traditions and make a tradition of our own this Diwali.

Some of the things we have planned and could be something you may also want to do:
  1. Let’s face it, Diwali is not complete without shopping and we (more precisely I) can’t let that tradition die. So we go shopping… but to the nooks and crannies of Crawford Market for glitzy lights. I have always had a thing for vintage pieces, and maybe this Diwali we make a tradition of a vintage piece from Chor Bazaar for our collection at home.
  2. Spend a day at the beach – Mumbai is blessed with a gorgeous coastline. We haven’t really ever taken advantage of this. Granted it’s not as clean as we would like it to be, but it isn’t something we can totally give up. We have plans to take our little beach tent, picnic basket and towels, and volleyball and make an evening out of this.
  3. Pending for too long is a visit to the Haji Ali Dargah. Evenings are becoming beautiful now and a visit to Haji Ali would do full justice to capture the beauty of the city skies in our memories forever. We see it ever so often and my son has asked me a million times to be taken there… well, better late than never.
  4. Indulge in some street food at so many, many, many famous stalls around the city – the sandwich walas at Worli, or the vada pav or the pani puri at Chowpatty or the ice golas at Juhu beach, we are get it all.
  5. Go paddle boating at Arey colony in Goregaon before it is too late. (Enough said!)
  6. And yes, we will light a few crackers. Just the few harmless Phooljhadis to lighten up our Diwali.
  7. And yes! Diwali is not complete without a little partying. So instead of the regular Diwali parties with cards and food, we have decided to try something different. Halloween is just a couple of days after Diwali. We ward of the evil within us at a awesome Halloween Party with loads of activities and games to complete this perfect Diwali holiday.

PS: For more details on Halloween parties for kids, click here.

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