7 must reads to expand your child’s vocabulary


Children are susceptible to everything they are exposed in their early stages. Whatever they see, consume or read will impact them and results for which may be shown in the future. So, lesson 1 should be to be careful of what is shown to our children especially with the different gadgets that are made available for everyone. To stray away from the negative side of impact children can be taught to read, by exposing them to pure classics that are never too old for anyone. 

School helps your children read, but it’s you who has to get them reading these classics. These classics are known to make the vocabulary of your children greater than most. And these being such classics, need to be read. These books help your children stay the way they are for their age while also simultaneously increasing their vocabulary. 

Here are a few books that help your children: 

1.Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland

Such a classic one for the books. A story everyone knows and will have to know. The story is about a young Alice, who encounters characters in a new world and the adventures she encounters trying to get back home. Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland helps your child with

2.Green Eggs and Ham

No article is complete without mentioning at least 2-3 Dr. Suess books. These books are most favoured by parents when they want their children to cultivate a reading habit. Green Eggs and Ham is probably one of the most famous novels by Dr. Suess. With its intelligent puns and rhymes, your child will definitely have a fun time reading and learning. 

3.The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Most popularly known as Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe for avid movie watchers was adapted from this book. The story revolves over 4 orphaned children entering the world of Narnia and encountering different characters that shape them to be the person they get to be. This one is a classic that everyone will learn to love and need for their lives. It teaches many lessons that the child could learn from as well as words to build up the vocab. 

4.Cat in the Hat

Another Dr. Suess book that should not go unread. It tells the story of a whimsical cat that interrupts the lives of two siblings and their mother. Reading this book is a real whirlwind, and your child will definitely learn some whimsical words. 

5.Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This Roald Dahl classic cannot be missed! Any Roald Dahl book should not be missed for its imaginative and genius storytelling moments. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one such book that could hook your children in right at the end beginning to the very end. The story revolves around a poor boy who wins a Golden Ticket to visit a Chocolate Factory, and the various lessons he learns and the people he meets through that. This movie has many popular adaptations, one such being the movie that was a major blockbuster.

6.The Enchanted Wood

This book by the famous and amazing Enid Blyton is the story revolving three girls who enter the magical woods and encounter the Faraway Tree. They meet very interesting and unique characters that teach them various things. This story lets your child’s imagination run wild while learning some whimsical words as well. 

7.Charlotte’s Web

This story is for the more mature lot of readers. It revolves around a pig and a spider whose friendship blossoms and grows stronger and helps each other out from many obstacles. This story teaches you lessons of friendship and loyalty while learning some big impactful words as well. 

These stories are just a few of the many stories authors have written that could increase your child’s vocabulary. Whether it is night time before bed, or during study time, reading these books will teach your children various life lessons apart from the words they might learn as well. If you have any children books that your child loves, let us know in the comments below! 

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