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About Fable
  • “The best way to make children good is to make them happy.”  – Oscar Wilde

    We at The Kids Corridor strongly believe in this and with that in mind, we have developed our offerings.

    In our “Outdoor” offering it is our endeavour to give today’s kids the childhood they deserve, we strive to take them into the great outdoors. Get them to be one with nature and try out some activities that will help them bond with nature and in this process make everlasting memories with their parents.

    We believe that children are born with unlimited potential, it is up to their Parents and Teachers to motivate, inspire and nurture them to bring out the best in them. We try to do just that through our variety  “Workshops” that will hone your kids’ talents.

    We know how important “Birthdays and Events” are for every kid and their parents. And just because of that we ensure our parties are conceptualized, planned and executed at impeccable standards and we pay attention to detail on the tiniest of details. We strive to give the kids the best day of their lives and much more.

     Let’s go back to the roots!  Let’s set sail into an ocean of live experiences, minds at work and indulge in all that creativity first-hand.

    Here for kids!

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