About Us

About Fable
  • For us at The Kids Corridor, our universe revolves around little munchkins. We believe, kids are a window that provides a view to an island of joy, peace and umpteen talent. Their growing years are key to the very fabric of society and being born with unlimited potential, it is up to all of us on how we motivate, inspire and nurture them.

    Technology today may have changed the way we consume our time. We look around numerous platforms to keep our kids busy through weekdays and weekends only with an aim to provide and engage them with newer platforms. We as an establishment may just be a drop in the ocean in these developing years of your kid, but it is these little droplets that make a difference in bringing out the best in them.

    Here’s a quick glance at our offering that cater to kids between 1 to 14 years of age.
    Outdoors – Our outdoor offering is carved with keeping child friendly venues in mind that aids kids’ bond with nature and at the very same time puts all their senses at work. Be it our overnight trips such as camping, star-gazing, adventure-based activities or day trips such as organic farming, nature walks and trekking or a simple informative heritage walk in Bombay. We aim to keep them engaged and build memories along with their parents.
    Events – We know how important occasions such as “Birthdays” are for every kid and their parents. And just because of that we ensure our parties are conceptualized, planned and executed at impeccable standards and we pay attention to every aspect on the tiniest of details. We periodically also conceptualise and execute theme-based events such as Halloween, Christmas and many more to ensure we showcase the very essence of every celebration to our little ones.
    Workshops – We also set-up workshops across different categories such as shoe painting, pebbles painting, soap making, string art, Lego building, art & craft or simply making awesome wooden boxes and carvings through a wood-based workshop.
    E-Commerce – Lastly, we also offer an online arm called “The Shop” that serves products for kids such as home safety products, party supplies, accessories, captioned T-shirts for kids etc.

    Each of our corridor is designed keeping kids in mind and that’s why we say it aloud that
    we are #hereforkids