Best summer activities for kids

Yes, it’s a different kind of summer this year. All your vacation plans have gone haywire and everything seems mundane in these unprecedented times. Not only are these holidays gonna feel longer, they will be much longer that we parents bargained for. So what do we do with our kids this summer.

Fret not parents! This blog is your guide to help you overcome the boredom of summer vacations with fun and engaging activities to keep your child entertained throughout. Also, communicate with your children to get a sense of what they’d like to do that excludes playtime and screen time. Ask them if there is something new they’d like to learn together during the vacay.

So here are a few activities to make Summer Vacations a breeze:

1. Scrap-booking

Get your pencil and sketches out because it’s craft time! By combining your organization skills and the child’s creativity, together you can create a scrapbook of your best memories. It could be about school, friends, vacations, important events such as birthdays and even about your pets! This engaging activity can let your child present their creative side and can help them reminisce about these memories once they start growing up. Hey, you can even scrapbook you and your child scrapbooking together!

2. Gardening

Grab your gloves and saplings, and start planting! Create a small corner in your balcony and dedicate it to your garden. Together, dig holes, plant seeds, water them and take care of them like they’re your children. Plant a variety of saplings and see what the garden bears fruit. Maybe one day, you and your child can expand it more and cook with vegetables grown from your home garden! Making your child responsible for a garden teaches them responsibility and accountability as well as dedication for the future. Let’s admit it is fun to get dirty from time to time as well.

3. Learn an Instrument

Pick your child’s favourite instrument and learn them together! Whether it is a guitar, or the flute, or a piano, send your child to summer classes, if interested or even learn it together on Youtube. Towards the end, let them decide on whether they would continue or not to make sure they aren’t pressurized into making a decision. We might even have a little rockstar in our hands.

4. Create a Chore Wheel

Wondered how to get your child to do some chores around the house? Your problem is solved. The chore wheel is a fun and engaging way to get your kid to do chores voluntarily. Create a wheel with chores all around the wheel and make it a daily activity to spin it to make sure what chore is done by whom. Make it colourful and exciting and the exciting part is the spinning of the wheel. Your child will jump at the opportunity to spin the wheel, and that’s how summer vacation is done.

5. Baking

Other than us being sweet tooth’s, children love their fair share of sweets as well. Baking is a great way of spending time together and also to keep one engaged throughout summer. There are so many different recipes to try out right at home and if your child is interested, nothing better! Get your eggs cracking and your batter whipping, and make a variety of cakes, muffins, and cupcakes! Maybe start small and make items that could be done in the microwave? (Mostly for the kids). As the days pass by, get your oven heated up and get baking!

These are tough times and they are as tough for our kids as they are for us. Take this time to spend as much time as you can with your lil ones. In our busy lives, we barely get such a chance – so give the situation a positive spin and make the most of it. Do you have any other activities to keep your child engaged? Let us know below!

Stay Safe! Stay Home!


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