Get outdoors

Let’s get outdoors

Looking up at the clouds as they pour into rain drops on the window panes, or hearing the gentle sound of the rain drops on the umbrella is something I silently wait all year round.

working moms

To do or not to do

Working mom! It’s easy to feel that you are not there enough. There’s always that little biting guilt that you are not always there. I was always warned of the pains of being a working mom by fellow colleagues, but then I thought how hard can it be.

Plan memories blog

We plan memories

Parenthood is pretty interesting. You learn new things, the house is full of joy and laughter, you get to share your childhood stories and several other such things. On the other hand, it increases your responsibilities as well.

moms have fun blog

Why shouldn’t moms have all the fun?!?

Mom – someone who sacrifices her body, sleep, eating a hot meal, social life, spending money on herself, peeing alone, patience, sanity and mental well-being for LOVE!

weekend getaway

Weekend Getaways!

There was a time when we were growing up, when every weekend was a getaway in the by-lanes of our home. But as things progressed the world shrunk and so did the open and empty by-lanes we once knew,

Wings to fly!

Talking to a bunch of toddlers a few days ago about the struggle for Independence, I was narrating to them on how under the British Raj, we could not enter any restaurant and eat, or how we had so many rules and were not allowed so many things and had to take permissions for doing even the smallest of things.

kids summer activities

Best summer activities for kids

Yes, it’s a different kind of summer this year. All your vacation plans have gone haywire and everything seems mundane in these unprecedented times.

Must do Easter Activities

5 Must do activities for Easter with your family!

When it’s April, you know what time it is! Its Easter time – and after all you’ve given up for many days due to quarantine, Easter is the perfect time to let ourselves loose and have fun.

Valentine blog

To the moon of my life!

It’s coming up – Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is a grownup thing to do until you have kids and you’re vacuuming up glitter from homemade crafts and running around to make it in time for his class or packing his favourite snack like a heart shaped waffle into his tiffin box.

Merry Christmas

The season to be merry!

It’s almost here! The season to be merry! There’s something about Christmas that make’s one feel happy and try out all sorts of new…