why are pets important for children

Love is a four-legged word!

Being a mother to an only child, I have come to understand first-hand the benefits of having a pet. The bond that my child has with our pet is so heart-warming… and this, I realised even more during this unending lockdown.

Grandparents blog

Dada dadi ki kahaniyan!

“A grandparent is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher and a little bit best friend”.

All my growing up memories are incomplete without my grandparents. When my mother was busy looking after our home

Ho! Ho! Ho! ‘Tis season to be jolly!

It’s that time of the year! Christmas is a great time to make memories that will last a lifetime. Come November and kids are already thinking of Christmas gifts. However, there are ways to show them the true value of Christmas without focusing on Christmas gifts. Spend this Christmas season with your kids and create everlasting memories!



Have you ever noticed how your mood lifts up when you hear a baby laughing and making all sorts of gurgling sounds? Laughter’s ability to diffuse stress is just one of many reasons why it’s a critical part of a child’s development.

Children's day blog

Hum bhi agar bacche hote…?

November 14 – celebrated as Children’s Day for how wonderful they are. Sure, they are. But what about us adults? It’s the best time for us as adults to leave all inhibition and go back to our bachpan. Go back to a time when bills, rents, Monday morning, reports, profit and loss were just words we learnt but made no difference to us.


All play and no work

I was visiting my mother a few weeks ago, when I saw her arranging the kitchen cabinets and cleaning her cutlery cupboard. I mentioned to her that I didn’t remember her doing this as a kid, she simply said “Because I got you to do it!”

Supermom blog


Every mom wants to be a Supermom and chances are that she is! According to me you are a Supermom if you are able to spend quality time with your kids, give them loads of cuddles and kisses and just help them grow into the best version of themselves… everything else is secondary.


If looks could kill!

Every time you see a woman wearing her lipstick in the rear view mirror of her car or fixing her hair in her mobile camera in the taxi, you can’t help but instantly recognize her as the mom-on-the-go.