Ok common folks any guesses what faith-flix is? Yup it sounds like younger sibling of the live streaming media company but this is in itself a humongous subject for parents today! Here you pay a monthly trust in to your kids and in return buy their faith as a parent.

Let’s stream this further!

Technology has its pros and cons, in today’s swift world with ample of tech savvy-ness around our kids it’s become extremely difficult to keep a track of what the kid is consuming on daily basis. The biggest culprit isn’t the “flix” it is lack of communication with the kids! And there is no better live streaming then just sitting with them on the dinner table and talking! As parent most of us have lost this battle to technology and time and again we come to situation where we had to go hard on the kids to stop them from consuming these options while it isn’t really their fault to deserve all the harshness.

Growing years are the most important ones and that’s when we need to communicate happening of the day with them “everyday”

Let’s keep these 5 effective habits in mind to ensure we deliver a better future!

  1. Communicate every day
  2. Hear them out
  3. Indulge in outdoor activities
  4. Avoid being harsh and be a friend before being a parent
  5. Trust them and tell them that you do everyday

Let’s subscribe to these habits starting today! Remember Netflix isn’t a bad space, our lack of guidance and communication is.

It’s all about Faith-Flix!


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