Baar Baar Din Ye Aaye!

September 17, 2019

Baar Baar Din Ye Aaye!

Birthdays! The most important day of every kid’s life! Most kids know a year in advance what they would like to do for their next birthday. And a couple of months in advance they are after us parents to start thinking about how we’d like to celebrate it. Ask them for a wish list and you will be surprised how well the whole party is planned and executed in their heads. They know exactly what they want and how they want it done. Not to mention, it’s sure to make a big dent on your wallet. If you are one of those parents that like to indulge your child in this annual ritual, then you’d better start planning in advance. And if you have missed the bus and are already late on planning your kid’s upcoming birthday, here are some tips on quick, budget friendly birthday party planning tips that might help you throw a kick-ass birthday party.

1. Venue: These days selecting a venue in time is important. The good ones are booked in advance and then you’d be left with little choice. With an outside venue, catering is usually taken care of and that takes away half the stress of the birthday. However, we feel doing the party in your own house is always a good option. Not only can you decorate the house as per any theme you want, it does come in quite easy on the pocket.

2. Themes: These days it’s “THE” most important thing. Kids have a particular theme in mind and everything especially the décor and cake need to follow that theme. Some of our favourite kids’ theme parties are Pyjama party. l, Carnival, Disco party, Jungle themes, Candyland, or Unicorns. Of course, there are the Avengers and Dora and Peppa and the whole bunch of characters from Cartoon Network, but we like the off-beat themes cos they are sure to make for great memories.

3. Décor: Once you’ve decided on the theme, you can decide the décor elements that go with the theme. If you have decided to do the décor yourself then you could buy some cool party supplies here. You are sure to find some unique décor elements here.  If not, we could help you with all the nitty-gritties involved in the decoration, be it at home or at an outside venue. Add a photo booth corner with instant pictures, or have some fun prop

4. Games: Sometimes in the race to find a venue and good décor, we miss out on a the most important element of the party, the games and the activities. We forget that however good a venue may look, if the kids do not have fun, your party is surely gone be a pooper. A good emcee, themed games and some fun activities are sure to rock any party. By now you probably have guessed, we mean something off-beat rather than the run of the mill magicians and tattoo artists that are at every kiddie party. How about a slime making corner, or a cookie decoration counter or a pebble painting corner… make for a great take away present as well.

5. Kids Party Food: As long as the cake looks amazing and there is all the junk food that the moms don’t usually allow the little ones, you are sorted. I mean, Pizzas, pastas, wafers, sandwich, spring rolls, everything works. Just make them small and easy to manage and look really good. As far as kids are concerned, what looks good, tastes good!

6. Party Favours: Even if you fail at everything above, there is still one way to get through a kid’s heart and make this party of yours a success. Party favours, or return gifts are an ongoing trend that invariably depends on your budget. There are endless kids’ birthday party ideas on the internet about what you could give the attendees. Or just plan a DIY activity and have the children take back home their art pieces – party activity and party favour in one fell swoop!


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