Hum bhi agar bacche hote…?

November 14 – celebrated as Children’s Day for how wonderful they are. Sure, they are. But what about us adults? It’s the best time for us as adults to leave all inhibition and go back to our bachpan. Go back to a time when bills, rents, Monday morning, reports, profit and loss were just words we learnt but made no difference to us. Go back to a time when life was simple, until we made it complicated with all the things we want and don’t have and there got into a rut of getting more.

In true spirit of Children’s Day, we’ve laid out a list of things you can do along with your kids and reach out and reconnect to the child within us. We at TKC, call it “Going back to the roots”.

  1. Get down and get dirty – we mean it literally. Mud is therapeutic and working with mud and around green plants can help you calm those ever racing nerves. Try organic farming. Take your kids and sow some seeds, nurture and love your and reap the benefits with a lovely harvest.
  2. Ditch the treadmill and the fancy gyms. Go with your little-ones on a nature trail. Look for pug marks of animals, learn about the flora and fauna, lay out a picnic basket near a soft flowing stream, hear the birds chirping and you will find the voices in your head will disappear. You will find yourself at peace, not to mention, your kids will love the new you.
  3. Chanda mama door ke… it’s true. In the rut of city life, we have forgotten to look at the moon that gave us so many memories. In today’s Mumbai, when you look up you see nothing but polluted skies and skyscrapers trying to tower one another.  Take your kid just a couple of hours away from the crowded city and gaze at the stars. Learn about the planets, check out the constellations and just feel one with the universe.
  4. Oh Fish! When was the last time you patiently waited for something? We are so used to having everything at the touch of a button, that we have forgotten the sweet fruit of patience. Children today do not know what being patient means. Take them with you for a fishing weekend. Sit by a quite stream in a fishing village, waiting for the fish to catch bait, you will find that this silence also creates a special bond with your child. Nature has its own way and we are no one to judge – just give it a chance.
  5. Set out on an adventure. Get out of the playareas in the malls and find a camping ground just outside the city. Pitch a tent together with your child, light up a camp fire, set up a barbecue and go back to those days when we went exploring as scouts in the wilderness. Share your memories with your children and watch them live those with you.

So, this Children’s Day, let’s do ourselves a favour and unearth the child that’s lurking within us. let’s go back to the time when things were uncomplicated, before opinions took over the mind ; the real you is loving, joyful and free. Chalo bachhein ban jayein!


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