KFC – Kids Fashion & Clothing!

Yes it’s true! We only get a few years with our kids before they decide that dressing like their parents might be completely out of fashion. So it’s best to make the most of these years with some absolutely adorable ways to dress them up.  Kids fashion has come a long way over the decades, especially with loads of designer brands vying for kids’ attention. Our kids are exposed to fashion thanks to smartphones and the internet. They are more aware of trending styles with them being connected with everything. But kids should still be kids, right?Some easy fashion tips for kids of all ages

  1. Always choose comfort over style – while I would say that applies to adults too (bandage dress anyone?  J); it’s absolutely essential that kids are comfortable in what they wear. They should be able to run, jump, climb over or even adjust their outfits without facing any embarrassment. More importantly, you should be stress free and able to enjoy without the fear of them ripping, staining or tearing? They look adorable in absolutely everything they wear, but it’s up to us to keep them looking good and, most importantly, feeling good.
  2. Make sure your child is dressed according to the weather. No matter how pretty those silk gowns and velvet frocks look, Mumbai weather is not always right to put your kids through that ordeal. Dressing them inappropriate to the weather will not only make them uncomfortable but also cranky.
  3. Don’t let them grow up too fast. In any case kids are growing up so soon, least of all you want them to dress like grown-ups. Today there is a lot of fashion out there for children that is a little toogrown up. In any case kids want to do everything that we’re doing. The little apes want to put on daddy’s shoes or wear mommy’s lipstick. It’s ok to put your foot down once in a while and offer them alternatives to satisfy their desire to “be big” … maybe a lip balm for a lipstick?

4 It’s their call! – let them decide how they want to dress. Toddlers between 2-4 years often like to choose what they want to wear. Let them choose between two options. Involve them when you take them shopping – that way there will be less fuss when they have to wear a certain outfit while going out. Spare yourself the tantrums – let them free to express themselves.

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