When I pick up my 10 year old from his school, my question to him every single day was “How was your day?!” to which his answer every single day would be “Good!”. I waited for something more than that, but that was not to happen besides an occasional “We had fun”! I guessed the issue was with my question. That question does not warrant a better answer than a good or fun. A school day is like eternity when you’re 10; so in a way it’s like asking an adult how was 2015 for you J

So now, as a substitute, I have made a list of questions that I ask him and I get some real answers. Here’s a list, I’m sure some of these might help you get some juicy facts from your little one’s lives without sounding too probing.

  1. What was the fun thing you did today?
  2. Did you learn any new words from the big boys in the school bus?
  3. Who does the teacher pick to be the monitor when she steps out?
  4. Who is your naughtiest friend?
  5. What are the new games that you play when the teacher is not in the class?
  6. Which teacher has the most fun way of teaching?
  7. Did you do any subject that you found interesting?
  8. Which friend was carrying the most fun snack today?
  9. Who are your four best friends in the class?
  10. Who is your naughtiest friend?

The best rule to follow when you’re talking to your kid is “Don’t try to hard”. Kids smell desperation like dogs smell fear. When I speak to my child like he is an adult, it make me feel calm, balanced, and in control of my reactivity. But the opposite is sometimes true when I’m talking to him like he’s a kid. It takes a little effort but well worth it! Well, who am I kidding?!

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