Let’s get outdoors

Looking up at the clouds as they pour into rain drops on the window panes, or hearing the gentle sound of the rain drops on the umbrella is something I silently wait all year round. Ah! Monsoon, the very word sounds like some soulful  music to the ears. Unlike most people I know, I love rainy days. Not the kinds that flood our roads and uproot life, but typical showers that wash the city, make the sea go crazy and make this weather and the city almost irresistible. Just like I do, I know kids love the rain too. It’s their chance to get an unplanned holiday in school and a day when their parents are stuck at home and not able to commute to work.

On one such rainy day a few days ago, over a cup of cutting chai and pakodas I got thinking why sit indoors with “Netflix and chill” when there is so much, we can do with the kids just so that they know their parents also love the rains as much as they do. There will always be laundry that hasn’t dried, or the house that has become damp and cold and needs cleaning, but this kinda day will not come back for another year.

While indoor activities are fun, there’s tons of things to get out and do with the kids. Below are some fun things to do in this weather :

  1. Our city is blessed with a gorgeous coastline. Grab your kids, dress them up in cute raincoats and gumboots and just head out for a walk near the sea face. Let nostalgia kick in for you. Buy them some corn on the cob and relish the hot corn dressed with lime and let that taste jog some of your best memories.
  2. When life throws you a rainy day, play in the puddles. Get into proper rain gear and jump in the puddles with your little ones. Let go and see the gleam in their eyes when they see their folks behave just like them. And in the process live some of your childhood again.
  3. Remember paper boats!  I remember this as my fondest memory of the rainy season and felt guilty when my son didn’t know what I was talking about.  Reminiscing about how you tore open your old notebooks to make paper boats. Replay this with your little ones. Let them experience the joy of making paper boats and sailing them in puddles. Make this a little race and hype up the excitement. You could spend a whole rainy afternoon with your little ones just doing that.
  4. You got a day-off from work because of the rains, make the most of it! Surprise your kids and take them for a long drive with their favourite music and have some fun time as a family. Pick up some healthy snacks Have no plans, just drive around and see where the road takes you. Play some fun car games on the way and make memories all the way along.
  5. If you are up for some more adventure and fun, take a trek. Just on the outskirts of Mumbai are so many kid-friendly trek options. Let your kids experience the different hues of green, the different smells of nature and splash some water in the beautiful natural waterfalls you are guaranteed to see on the way.  Let them just frolic in nature’s bounty and let them experience what it is to be one with nature, something they rarely get a chance to do in today’s fast paced life.
  6. What are you waiting for? Relive some of your childhood memories that you build growing up. Relive, revive, flashback to the rainy days with your kids and a little dose of nostalgia and make this monsoon count. Whoever said sunny days are fun, never danced in the rain barefoot!


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