Have you ever noticed how your mood lifts up when you hear a baby laughing and making all sorts of gurgling sounds? Laughter’s ability to diffuse stress is just one of many reasons why it’s a critical part of a child’s development.

Below are some great benefits of laughter

  • It’s a great way to relax: Laughter releases the feel good hormones which help us relax.
  • Ladies wait for it… some studies suggest, laughter helps burn calories. Why not just laugh your way to your dream weight?
  • Laughter helps diffuse anger and kids tend to be friendlier when they are in a light and happy atmosphere at home.
  • There is a positive co-relation between laughter and memory. Studies have shown that people who laugh more, have reduced levels of stress hormones, lower blood pressure and a better state of mind. And it is this state of mind that changes our brain activity that helps us remember better.

Somewhere in our daily hustle to get things done, we’ve forgotten to sit-back, relax and enjoy a hearty laugh every once in a while. And it’s easy to do so, especially with kids:

  • Make light of a stressful situation.
  • Form your own laughter club – have private jokes as a family.
  • Let everyone narrate a funny incident or a joke at the dinner table once in a week.
  • Make a poster of funny photos of your family.
  • Have a fun game night playing board games, taboo, charades

So let’s laugh out loud, bond with our kids and enjoy this journey of life.


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