Love is a four-legged word!

“Being a mother to an only child, I have come to understand first-hand the benefits of having a pet. The bond that my child has with our pet is so heart-warming… and this, I realised even more during this unending lockdown. Having our pet around has helped us sail through this lockdown much more easily than it would’ve otherwise.

Having a pet has proven to have some health benefits for your children. How you may ask?  Research has shown that children brought up in pet friendly environments are less prone to asthma and allergies.

Responsibility is a huge concept that children start understanding once they have a pet to care for. They are responsible for an animal version of themselves. They have to feed, bathe, care, give them some love and other small details that they learn while nurturing the animal. It’s the best way to get them to understand their behaviour affects another life!

If your kid is an only child, then the animal is their companion. Being an only child can get them feeling lonely from time to time. Not having someone to play with, share with, or even fight with can be challenging. Having an animal best friend can help them feel less lonely and someone to share with. They have a best friend that doesn’t judge (sometimes, even better than a human best friend), someone they can play with, and hug every time they have a hug-ergency!

Even if you have a sibling, having a pet is encouraged. The pet allows siblings to bond and work together to provide everything for the animal.

Some say music, some say reading, some even say writing can reduce anxiety. For other, having a pet has reduced the anxiety. In this day and age, anxiety is a huge problem attacking teenager or adults. It can be because of the pandemic and lockdown, online school, or a million other things. Pets help them get rid and forget their anxiety for the time they are together. Imagine, lying around your bed with your favourite animal beside you. Sounds good doesn’t it?

These benefits are important for the growth of a child. With the rapid pace of growth in children nowadays, it’s important they adapt to these benefits as well. A simple way is to present them with a pet that could just make their days on this earth happier!”.

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