• Adventure


    The little ones are always looking for some thrill in their lives, and we have just the right amount to offer. You know they love tents, take them for a weekend in rural town just outside of Mumbai, make the tent your home away from home and share this experience with them. From fishing to camping to animal farming to stargazing and lots more. We have a whole array of activities that you can indulge in with your kids and you will be surprised to see how much they learn while having the best time of their lives. Some of the activities we offer:

      Camp itinerary:

    • Camping – Take your kids away from the regular routine. Spend a night with them in natural surroundings with lush green maneuvered lawns for kids to run around freely.
    • Animal farming – Go back to the roots and better your kids’ senses by giving them practical knowledge of life at an animal farm.
    • Stargazing – Explore the unknown landscape high above the city lights and the rush hour. Witness the fascinating story of celestial objects as we take you on a journey beyond roads, highways and borders!
    • Fishing – Let your kids learn the forgotten art of fishing with an overnight trip including a visit to a wholesale fish market.

    Your Corridor
    Weekend of 18th & 19th May

    Perfect for kids between 4 to 10 years of age & their parents.

    Departure at 7:00am from one common point in Mumbai.

    Package cost INR 8500 for 1 kid & 1 adult all inclusive
    (INR 6100 for 1 extra adult & INR 5100 for 1 extra child)

    Wada, 2.5 hours away from Mumbai.