• Nature


    Nature trail is a trail that starts along the plains but ends up deep within your heart. Get kids off their mobiles and initiate them to some activities that will help them get close to nature. Let them learn about the flora and fauna, gather some farming skills, learn to bond with animals and get their hands dirty. Climbing up the hilly path and fallen logs in pure wilderness. It’s a beautiful journey that encapsulates the beauty of everything that mother earth has to offer:

      Camp itinerary:

    • Nature Walk – Go for a walk and collect items from Mother Nature. Back at home make a collage out of the found items.
    • Night Trail g – A fun walk in the nature, with a chance to look at some of the amazing creatures and learn more about them.
    • Trekking – Go along with your kids on a short and adventure filled trek, completely safe for beginners. Along the way, gaze at the beautiful nature, waterfalls and make for a great family day.
    • Strawberry picking – Get out in the warm sun into a field full of strawberries, and take back with you a basket full to make mouth watering milkshakes, jams and cakes.
    • Plant a garden -Get down and get dirty with your kids helping them understand plants and how they grow.
    • Organic Farming – Get back to your roots and let the kids feel the mud in their hands. Let them learn the art of sowing, reaping, mulching, weeding, and indulge in organic farming just a few hours away from Mumbai.

    Your Corridor
    Weekend of 18th & 19th May

    Perfect for kids between 4 to 10 years of age & their parents.

    Departure at 7:00am from one common point in Mumbai.

    Package cost INR 8500 for 1 kid & 1 adult all inclusive
    (INR 6100 for 1 extra adult & INR 5100 for 1 extra child)

    Wada, 2.5 hours away from Mumbai.