What better ways to spend time doing activities, spending time with your fellow peers and make joyful memories? Field Trips is the perfect opportunity to do just that! Field Trips for your children are the best way to ensure they do something different and exciting every time. Young minds are always looking for things to interest them- and we are here to fulfil it! Ziplining, archery, rifle shooting are just a few of the many activities we offer!Ziplining- if your youngster is aching for a thrill rush, ziplining is the one to look out for! With all the safety equipment kept in check, your child can stroll from one point to another and enjoy the epic scenery in the way.

Archery- Time to bring out your child’s inner Robin Hood! We organise workshops to teach your little ones the exhilarating art of archery that has evolved through the years of existence. This recreational sport allows your child to increase their muscles, as well as their muscle memory!

Rifle Shooting- An opportunity for your child to shoot the shot! Here’s an exciting venture they do not want to miss out on, Rifle Shooting! Children learn the different intricacies and skills involved in learning the art of shooting!

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