There is no better time for your child to become crafty! Let their creativity run wild and make the best creations! Make mugs and pots and learn the different nuances in pottery making, weave beautiful baskets that could cater to your conveniences, learn the style of warli painting a tribal painting art form from North of India, or even wall painting to make your walls a little brighter! .

Key elements:

Pottery- Time to make their hands dirty and get into the nitty-gritty of making pottery! Children are exposed to the makings of mugs, cups, bowls, plates and much more while learning pottery!

Basket Weaving- Learn the forgotten art of Basket Weaving from the professional basket weavers. Children are made to use grass, bamboo, weeds, reeds, vines and much more to make different kinds of baskets for different purposes.

Warli Painting- This new skill hails from the Northern part of India, made popular by the tribal folks. This tribal art painting is the depiction of tribal stick figures doing various activities in the paintings.

Wall Painting- You think you need to make your walls need a refreshing look? Put your child to the task! Beautiful landscapes, sceneries, backgrounds, and more are taught to your children to make your homes brighter than usual. The walls are your child’s canvas and let them run wild with their imagination !

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