Artists on Hire

A show of wonderment and thrill! We hire artists with unusual and thrilling talents to put on a showcase just for you guys! Something different, something wonderful to grace your different joyous occasions. Magicians, balloon artists, storytellers, science experiment shows are just the few artists that make your celebration a party no one can miss out on!

Key elements

  • Carnival set-up : What do you do when your child demands a carnival and you can’t give them one? Don’t worry, we are here to save your day! At the Play Zone, we provide ferris wheels, ball-pool, water pool, merry go round, dashing cars and so much more! Excited? So are we!!
  • Magician: Jaw dropping tricks and mystery of the magician is one thing everyone looks forward. One of our favourite acts and we’re sure yours too! Get the tricks and the mystery when you hire a magician to be the act of the party!
  • Tattoo Artist: Get your little ones to get fun and cute temporary tattoos! It could be their favourite cartoon character or favourite thing in the whole world. Who doesn’t like to show off the tattoos they get?
  • Bubble Show: Play with the room full of bubbles! Pop them till your heart’s content. We know for a fact bubbles can keep one occupied for a good 30 minutes. Why not make a show out of it?
  • Liquid Nitrogen: Let’s dive into the world of science and find out how liquid nitrogen works. Widely found used in cooking making delicious treats such as icecream and cakes. Will we do that to? Enroll to find out.
  • Puppet Show: The world without puppets would be a dull one. Be a part of our puppets show while we tackle different stories and let the children join the fun.
  • Balloon Modelling Artist: Want a balloon that looks like a parrot? Or an elephant? Or your child’s favourite cartoon character? The balloon artist is here to grant your wish.
  • Hair braiding Artist: Your kid will be the one that all heads will turn to with their cool braid! Get it done by our specialist.