Let your kids take a walk in the park, an educational trip down to the museum, or a walk through an aquarium, and these are just a few of the numerous trips we have planned for your youngsters! These day trips are an exciting opportunity for children to learn, bond and share. Throw away the devices for a while and time to engage with the environment we belong to!

Key elements

Factory Visits- Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of your child’s favourite products? We will arrange exclusive factory visits that show us what all goes into making the product.

Museum Tours- History is important for everyone to know. Museums help in enriching the learning experience while simultaneously adding visuals which creates more impact. Museum tours will be organised and the children will be taken to experience learning, the non-traditional way.

Heritage Walks- Time to explore the unbothered and unexplored places of the city! Heritage walks are an exciting opportunity for children to explore the hidden gems of the city that are present in quaint places. Children can absorb the cultural richness that these hidden gems offer during the walks.

Flamingo Watching Season- Flamboyant flamingos are out there and what are your kids doing sitting in? These Pink Flamingos have graced us with their presence and it’s mandatory for us to looks at them! We organise flamingo watching sessions during the flamingo season that could be exciting not only for the kids but for the adults too!

Marine Walks- The majestic creatures underwater have given us more than one reason to look at them. Seek for sharks or jellyfish in the Marine Walks we organise to let your young ones know there is life underwater as well..

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