School Trips & Events

Are you a school looking for venues to conduct events? Or you want to set-up a mind-blowing engagement activity for your kids where not only they can have a time of their life but also take in some fun learning! Look no further. We provide all that you want for your event so don’t worry just focus on the event. Whether it is stalls, competitions or much more, we take care of all of it.

Key elements

  • Kid Playzones: Olaf wants to meet your children! So does Spiderman! And so many more. Let’s not keep them waiting and meet them at the playzone shall we?
  • Activity Area & Stalls: Activities are a calling! Let us know the activities you’d like to offer and we’ll organise them for you along with few of the activities we’ve kept in our store!
  • Engagement Programs: Any engagement activities needed to be conducted will also be organised.
  • Competitions: Choose us as your venue for competitions and we’ll get it going. We’ll organise all things needed, just sit back and worry about the competition.

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