Every mom wants to be a Supermom and chances are that she is! According to me you are a Supermom if you are able to spend quality time with your kids, give them loads of cuddles and kisses and just help them grow into the best version of themselves… everything else is secondary. But sometimes in this effort to be a superhero are we somewhere letting go off our own health. Are we always tired and complaining of how much there is to be done. And to deal with this guilt are we binge eating and putting on oodles of weight and in short living an unhealthy life…? If the answer to any of these questions is yes…then chances are you are letting yourself go… and not in a good way!

Some simple tips that will bring back the “F”word in our lives… I meant FITNESS J

  1. Get Super Organized – Make calendars, fix healthy menus for the week, have a routine, stick to that routine. When you know what you have to cook for the next 5 days, you will stock up accordingly and will not be tempted to make a two minute pasta or load yourself with breads and rice. They say “when you have a fixed menu, your job’s half done”
  2. Wake up 30 minutes earlier than you need to – I know this sounds unbelievable, but when you do it you will realize how much you can accomplish in the 30 minutes when the rest of the house is fast asleep and you have some time before all hell breaks loose.
  3. Take the stairs – You may not have the luxury of having an hour at the gym or go to the park for a walk, but you can try simple things. Every time you are running to pick up your child use the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk to your child’s class rather than taking the car. Take small opportunities wherever you can to fit in some exercise time. Even 3-4 slots of 5-10 minutes is 40 minutes of exercise you thought you had no time for!
  4. Get Outdoorsy – pull your kids from the TV and take them to the park or take them cycling. Do whatever they do. You will not only be losing those tires; you will also find the time to bond with your kid.

While we love a good TV show or a late-night movie, they are not helping us stay fit and healthy. No one said it will be easy; sacrifice will be necessary. Mothers need a plan to succeed. That includes not only exercise, but proper nutrition and rest.

And remember, they don’t need perfect, they just need YOU! 

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