To the moon of my life!

It’s coming up – Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is a grownup thing to do until you have kids and you’re vacuuming up glitter from homemade crafts and running around to make it in time for his class or packing his favourite snack like a heart shaped waffle into his tiffin box.

It is an overrated “festival”, where the biggest benefitters are the restaurants, floral boutiques, card companies and bakers. Don’t beat yourself up with thoughts and ideas on what would be the ideal way to spend this day and in the bargain lose sight of what the day means to your kid. It’s a big deal for the middle-schoolers and high-schoolers. They are in the phase of their lives, where their friends mean the world to them and their love for their friends is all that matters.

I plan to make it a big one this year with my not-so-little 11 year old and have planned some fun activities to do and make his day a special one. Good thing it’s a Friday.

  • We plan to spend a good two hours making cute V-Day cards for his friends and his teachers.
  • His friends are planning a little party in the bus where they will all bring along some yummy treats to share with one another.
  • In the evening, we plan to go watch a movie of his choice or even Netflix something that he has been wanting to watch, and cuddle on the couch and order a pizza to go with.

After a long time this year, I’m excited to spend Valentine’s Day with a timeless, lasting love. To me, Valentine’s Day is an extra special day to celebrate the people you love, that love you back.

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