We plan memories

Parenthood is pretty interesting. You learn new things, the house is full of joy and laughter, you get to share your childhood stories and several other such things. On the other hand, it increases your responsibilities as well. You need to arrange for all the events and ceremonies for your kids like, baby showers, child photography, birthday parties and so on as these are some of the things that will keep your child happy and will carry on in their memories even after the grow up. Sounds tiring? Don’t worry, we have a solution.

Here at The Kids Corridor we do the running around for you to help you make your child’s big day even more special and memorable. We arrange for all kinds of party related stuff be it a balloon or tattoo artist, magician, host or we could organise the whole party as well. Looking for a themed party? We’ve got you covered. Themes, can be selected as per your choice. Everything, from the cardboard cut-outs to the tables and chairs will be arranged by us. Don’t have a venue? We can take care of that as well. Venues can be arranged keeping in mind your requirements and budget. I’m sure that sounds relieving. But who doesn’t love discounts? We do have plenty of discounts in mind for you, but as always terms and conditions apply.

Nobody has time these days to organise events by themselves. So, it’s more sensible to hand over the task to someone who can do it for you the way you want, at your desired time. That’s why, The Kids Corridor. We give shape to your ideas and organize the events just as you imagine them to be. Our main aim is to make the events enjoyable and memorable for your kids so that they look back at them in the future and smile. We don’t plan events, we plan memories.


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