Weekend Getaways!

Weekend Getaways

There was a time when we were growing up, when every weekend was a getaway in the by-lanes of our home. But as things progressed the world shrunk and so did the open and empty by-lanes we once knew, and as we moved in to parenthood, we started getting into this race called “life” which just struck us like lightening and there was nothing we could do about it but to succumb to it happily, boldly and wildly or unwantedly there is no escape. The clock keeps ticking and we keep following our set rules of earning money, running the show, managing responsibilities etc. Do you think our folks weren’t worried about us as much we worry about our kids – go take a hike?! Because they were, but today keep your hand to your heart and answer this simple question, are we able to be to our kids even 10% of what our folks were to us. Yes, that’s correct we aren’t.

But yes, there are a lot of smaller efforts that we can make every weekend to ensure we get close to being a parent our kids deserve.

Plan mini weekend getaways in the outskirts of Mumbai that will help you create a bond with your kid. Spend some quality time together and of course help yourself break away from the dailyness of corporate life surrounded by concrete gardens, sea and views you spend your time with.

Nature is not just about a day out but what you get along with you and what stays with you. So, plan your next weekend getaway with us.

Be it adventure, nature or skill-based activities we have it all covered so that your weekend isn’t wasted. From camping, star gazing, trekking, forest and nature walks or simply organic farming with us and explore the child and the curiosity within you. Our friendly team alongside will ensure you have one of the best times of your life with our outdoor weekend getaways.

Let’s go back to our roots!


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